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Single Channel Loop Detectors (Parking)

LD120T - Single channel loop detector with communications

The LD120T is a series of single channel inductive loop detectors. The use of microprocessor and surface mount technology enables a large number of functions to be incorporated into a small package. The LD120T is compatible with most single channel detectors on the market and is easy to set-up and install. All configuration is done through the communications port.

The LD120T is supplied with a RS485 communications port.

Typical applications in the parking and access control environments are safety loops, arming loops and entry or exit loops.

The LD120T consists of an inductive loop detector with an integral 485 communications port. The unit has been developed to enable remote monitoring and control of the loop detector over a RS485 network. The communications allows access to internal setup parameters such as sensitivity, timers, as well as counters. The LD120T can be multi-dropped on the RS485 network with other detectors and logic units, or linked to a PC running software for configuration and monitoring of the parking system.

Order Codes:
LD120T  Single channel boxed detector  220VAC
LD121T  Single channel boxed detector  110VAC
LD122T  Single channel boxed detector  12-24VDC




LD120 - Single channel loop detector with communications
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