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Single Channel Loop Detectors (Parking)

LD106 - Single channel low power detector


The LD106 is an ultra low power single channel inductive loop detector designed for parking and access control applications.

The LD106 can be configured for low power for operation from a battery or solar panel. The detector consumes less than 2mA of supply current when there is no vehicle on the loop.

The detector is connected to an inductive loop mounted in the road surface. When vehicles pass over the loop the detector switches on an output.

The use of microprocessor and surface mount technology enables a large number of functions to be incorporated into a small package. The LD106 is easy to set-up and install. 



Order Codes:
LD106   Single channel low power detector  12-24VDC – Screw Terminals



LD106 - Single channel low power detector
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