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LD470 - 4 Channel Eurocard traffic detector with communications

The LD470 is a high performance Eurocard 4 channel inductive loop detector designed for use in traffic control applications, toll systems and vehicle counting.

The detector uses loop multiplexing to prevent crosstalk between adjacent loops and is easy to set-up and install.

On power up or reset the detector performs an automatic tune procedure and is ready for use within seconds.

The LD470 can operate as a standard 4 channel detector or may be configured for directional logic where loops 1 and 2 and loops 3 and 4 work in pairs to give a direction output.

The LD470 can perform occupancy calculations and speed measurement.

Two communications ports are provided:

A Modbus RS232 communications port located on the front faceplate is used for configuration and diagnostics with a notebook computer or with the LD470 handheld diagnostic unit.

A Modbus RS485 communications port on the connector at the rear of the unit can be used to connect many detector units to a central computer or controller. Configuration and diagnostics can also be accessed from this port.

The communications allows access to internal parameters such as loop input status, loop fault status and counters, speed and occupancy.

The LD470 uses the latest ARM7 32bit processor for peak performance.

Order Codes:
LD470  4 Channel Eurocard traffic detector with communications 24VDC



LD470 - 4 Channel Eurocard traffic detector with communications
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