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LD140 inductive loop vehicle detector with LCD display

Procon Electronics has introduced a next generation innovative single channel inductive loop detector, the LD140 series. This product combines a loop detector, liquid crystal display, and advanced menu structure to provide an extremely versatile product with built in diagnostics. The menu enables many more options and features to be configured compared with standard DIP switch units.
The LD140 has been designed as a multipurpose inductive loop vehicle. Typical applications in the parking and access control environments are safety loops for barriers or gates, arming loops for activating card dispensers, entry or exit loops and vehicle counting. Typical applications in the traffic environment are traffic control (traffic lights), toll systems and vehicle counting.

Standard Features

·          Custom LCD Display. The custom liquid crystal display is used in conjunction with the two menu up/down push buttons to show configuration and diagnostic information, such as loop frequency and %ΔL/L value. The detector functions like a loop analyzer.
·          Enhanced User Interface. Allows for all functions to be programmed from the front panel LCD menus.
·          Loop Fail Diagnostics. Provides an indication of shorted loops and open circuit loops.
·          Automatic Tuning. This results in the detector re-tuning the sensing loop and becoming ready for vehicle detection. Also includes continuous environmental monitoring and tracking for optimal performance.
·          Vehicle Counter. Counts vehicles as they move over the loop. The counter keeps its value in the event of a power failure and has a maximum value of 999999.
·          Loop Protection. Uses a loop isolation transformer with zener diodes and gas discharge tube.
·          Reset Switch. Pressing the reset switch enables the detector to be manually reset during commissioning and testing. This results in the detector re-tuning the sensing loop and becoming ready for vehicle detection.

Programmable Features

·          Selectable Detect Sensitivity
·          Automatic Sensitivity Boost Option
·          Filter Timer & Extend Timer
·          Selectable Pulse Time
·          Relay 2 Mode – Pulse on detect, pulse on undetect, presence or loop fault
·          Presence Mode – Permanent or limited.
·          Selectable Fail Safe/ Fail Secure operation
·          Adjustable loop frequency
·          Power fail memory
The datasheet for the LD140 is available for download from the Procon Electronics web site. Take a look at the future of loop detection today.
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