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PM8AI/V ISO - 8 Voltage Input Module Fully Isolated

The PM8AI/V ISO is a 8 channel voltage input module. The inputs are fully isolated from input to logic and between inputs. This module is ideal for monitoring voltages  which are isolated from each other and cannot be connected to a common point of reference.

The standard setting for the PM8AI/V module is 0 – 10V. An input voltage of 0 - 10Volts represents an output of 0 - 4095 and 2 volts would give a reading of 819 ± 1LSB.  To obtain an output value of 0 to 4095 for an input signal of 2 to 10V  the offset switch is switched on. This module can also be configured for a 0 – 10.000V input range or +/- 10.000V input.


Analog Inputs 8
Type Differential
Voltage 0(2)-10Vdc
Offset (switch selectable) 2Vdc
Resolution 16 bit
Sample rate 0.71 samples/sec
Input Impedance 110Kohms
Isolation (Inter Channel) 350VAC (Pk-Pk)
Drift 100 ppm/deg.C typ.
Accuracy 0.2 % of span
Isolation (Field & Logic) 1000VAC RMS




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PM8AI/V ISO - 8 Voltage Input Module Fully Isolated
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