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PROFIPRO - Profibus I/O Modules

PP8DIO – 8 Digital Input/Output Module

The PP8DIO module is an 8 channel digital input and 8 channel digital output module. 

The inputs are isolated from the logic by bi-directional opto-couplers. The common is connected internally to either the -volts or +volts field power supply terminals using a jumper link which is situated inside the housing. 

The 8 digital outputs are open collector (NPN). The outputs may be used to drive lamps or external relays when more drive capability is required. The outputs are isolated from the logic and they share a common negative terminal.


Digital Inputs 8
Digital input 0 level 0 to +6.5Vdc
Digital input 1 level +12Vdc to +24Vdc
Input Impedance 2200 ohms
Status Indication - inputs  LED per channel
Digital Outputs 8
Type NPN Open collector
Max Load Current 100mA per channel
Max load Voltage 36Vdc
Vce (on) Voltage 1.1V (max)
Isolation (Field & Logic) 1500 V RMS
Status Indication - outputs LED per channel
Power supply (Field) +12Vdc to +24Vdc



PP8DIO – 8 Digital Input/Output Module
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