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PROFIPRO - Profibus I/O Modules

PP8AOV - 8 Voltage Output Module


The PP8AOV Module is an 8 channel voltage output module. Each channel can be set to output a voltage in the range 0 – 10V. The outputs are isolated from the logic and share a common negative terminal. 

The resolution is 12 bits, so writing a value to the register for each output of 0 - 4095 would give an output current of 0 – 10V. A value of 819 ± 1LSB will give a current output of 2V. 

There are a number of different output formats that can be selected such as 12 bits, 16 bits, 0-20mA and 4-20mA.



Analog Outputs 8
Voltage 0-10Vdc
Resolution 12 bit (0-4095)
Drift 100 ppm/deg.C typ.
Accuracy 0.05 % of span
Load (min) 2000 Ohms @24Vdc
Isolation (Field & Logic) 1500VAC RMS
Power supply (Field) +24Vdc



PP8AOV - 8 Voltage Output Module
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