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PROFIPRO - Profibus I/O Modules

PP8AIIS – 8 Current Input Module Fully Isolated

The PP8AIIS module is an 8 channel isolated current input module. The module uses differential inputs to reduce effects of electrical noise and mains pickup. The current inputs are isolated from the logic and from each other. 

The current input can be represented in a number of formats according to the type which is setup by writing a value to the Type register. The value is obtained from the table below. 

The standard setting for the PP8AIIS module is 0 - 20mA input current which represents an output value of 0 - 4095 (12 bits).  4 mA would give a reading of 819 ± 1LSB. 

The module can also be configured for a 0 – 20.000mA input range or +/- 20.000mA input.  The module also supports 16 bit ranges.


Analog Inputs 8
Type Differential
Current 0-20mAdc
Resolution 16 bit
Sample rate 0.71 samples/sec
Input Impedance 22 Ohms
Isolation (Inter Channel) 350VAC (Pk-Pk)
Drift 100 ppm/deg.C typ.
Accuracy 0.2 % of span
Isolation (Field & Logic) 1500VAC RMS




PP8AIIS – 8 Current Input Module Fully Isolated
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