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PROFIPRO - Profibus I/O Modules

PP16DI - 16 Digital Input Module

The PP16DI module is a 16 channel digital input module. The inputs are isolated from the logic by bi-directional opto-couplers. The inputs are divided into 2 isolated groups of 8 inputs each. This allows for many configurations in which the input module may be used. One such configuration could be where one group is connected as common positive and the second group connected as common negative.



Digital Inputs  16
Digital input 0 level 0 to +6.5Vdc
Digital input 1 level +12Vdc to +24Vdc
PROFIBUS RS485  DB-9 Connector
GSD file name PCE00D9B.gsd
Isolation (Field & Logic) 1500 V RMS
Status Indication LED per channel

PP16DI - 16 Digital Input Module
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